Sustainability at Credendo


Corporate sustainability is very important for Credendo. We conduct our business in a manner that is socially responsible and forward-looking, taking into consideration our impact on the environment, on society, on the economy, on our stakeholders and on our people. We pay attention to the sustainability of our own activity (direct impact) and to the sustainability of the transactions we support (indirect impact).These considerations are also reflected in our governance. We go further than our legal obligations to act sustainably as a corporation.

Our respect for human rights and environmental sustainability, our fight against corruption and our commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are not only part of the corporate mission and values of Credendo, but are also integrated in our strategy and summarised in the tagline: ‘We want to grow and improve in a sustainable way’.

Credendo continuously strives to provide its services with full due diligence and professionalism, with respect for honesty and business ethics, and compliance with any laws, rules, regulations and best practices pertaining to our sector. All Credendo entities share the same values of Customer Intimacy, Reliability and Respect.

Value tree
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Direct impact

  • Equal opportunities, diversity, non-discrimination and gender equality in recruitment and employment
  • Health and well-being of employees
  • Goal to continuously reduce our environmental footprint 
  • Environmental and social awareness
  • Carbon neutrality of Credendo since 2019

Indirect impact

  • Conducting business in a responsible and sustainable way 
  • Promoting business responsibility and professional excellence among our customers 
  • Conducting Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) screening of all business partners
  • Conducting Environmental, Social and Governance screening of all Credendo customers 
  • Conducting environmental, social and human rights due diligence for Credendo – Export Credit Agency applications
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)

To learn more about sustainability at Credendo, please consult our Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Group policies

In order to assure a responsible business and to exercise its activities in a financially sustainable way, Credendo Group has developed and implemented several policies and rules to supplement the existing legal framework.
  • Corporate Sustainability Policy

    It is the strategy and ambition of Credendo to grow and improve in a sustainable way. That is why strong ESG performance and stimulating the sustainability mindset are some of the goals identified in our strategy.

  • Group Integrity policy

    Credendo recognises the importance of integrity towards all its stakeholders in the performance of its insurance activities, and promotes honesty, business ethics, corporate and social responsibility and compliance.

  • Group Code of Conduct

    The principles, described in the Code of Conduct, a minimum set of guidelines to which all staff are required to adhere, go hand in hand with the Credendo’s values: Customer Intimacy, Reliability and Respect.

issue to report

Issues to report?

There may be environmental or social issues in respect of projects supported by us that you want to bring to our attention. Or you might become aware of illegal or inappropriate activities related to such projects.

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News and Articles

Learn about the latest sustainability news at Credendo

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  • Environmental and social risk assessment
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Sustainable transition
  • Sustainable lending
  • Responsible business conduct
  • Anti-bribery and corruption