Export Funding Guarantee


Securing a refinancing bank by issuing an abstract 100% guarantee and, hence, enabling the financial institution that provides the export credit to obtain better refinancing conditions.

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Product benefits

  • Improving the bank’s funding costs thanks to Credendo – Export Credit Agency’s high credit rating.
  • Refinancing export credits backed by an export credit agency with private investors.

Main characteristics

  • An abstract 100% guarantee is issued in favour of the refinancing investor.
  • The Export Funding Guarantee is aimed at banks involved in international transactions willing to reduce funding costs in their export credit agreements.
  • Credendo – Export Credit Agency’s high credit rating helps banks to reduce refinancing risks.


A bank that finances the export of capital goods needs funding either through own resources or through external funding.
The Export Funding Guarantee facilitates the external refinancing of export financing and enhances refinancing at competitive terms.
The guarantee is directly issued to the refinancing institution and fully covers the risk of non-payment of the refinancing loan.
The guaranteed contract is the refinancing agreement concluded between the lending bank and the refinancing institution, for which non-reimbursement is covered.

Why Credendo?

Credendo - Export Credit Agency offers a complete range of products with the same goal: controlling risks related to foreign buyers in foreign countries. The ECA’s products are specifically destined for capital goods, services and contract works from Belgium. Not only Belgian exporters but also banks can make use of the products, which can also result in various financing solutions for the exporter and/or the foreign buyer.
Being the official Export Credit Agency for Belgium, Credendo – Export Credit Agency complies with OECD rules concerning the structure of export credits as well as the regulated premium percentage.

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